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Life doesn’t offer a lot of do-overs; the choice you made is often the choice you’re stuck with. But a terrible tattoo — that’s something we can work with. More than a third of younger Americans now have at least one tattoo, and a lot of them are regrettable, apparently: According to the latest figures from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 45,224 tattoo removal procedures were done in 2013, up from 40,801 in 2011. That means that, for many estheticians and medi-spas, tattoo removal accounts for a big chunk of their business.

“Forty percent of what I’m doing is tattoo removal,” said Vladimir Byhovsky, an esthetician in White Plains, N.Y. and Riverdale, N.Y.

Amanda Bynes, the Nickelodeon child star who had a very public meltdown last summer, is getting one of her tattoos removed, erasing the angel wings inked onto her right forearm, photos recently showed. One Direction singer Harry Styles has talked about removing some of his dozens of tattoo.

Even non-celebrities live to regret their tats. When Sarah Schlow turned 18 in 1985, the New York City native got the coolest tattoo her not-totally-developed teenage brain could imagine. In a word: sharks.


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Rue that tattoo? In one of life’s few do-overs, laser removal takes off  – Health –

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